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We get it and, yes, public review sites are super important for any business but, unfortunately, they’re far from a perfect source of unbiased feedback. Competitors may bomb your profile or page with fake reviews, trying to get an edge in the ratings game. Customers can make silly, totally irrelevant comments that truly have nothing to do with your performance but harm your reputation. SentimentSnap’s goal is not to eliminate or replace public reviews. We’re simply giving businesses a private tool to add to their arsenal so they can understand how their customers really feel about them. One that allows you to track issues that come up so you have a chance to get ahead of some of the problems that otherwise creep up in your reviews. Since customers can also leave an optional email address, SentimentSnap also enables you to follow-up with them, on your terms.

Not really. Most people think of surveys as a multi-question, detailed mechanism to ask questions of a specific group of people. Market research is valuable and we have nothing against typical satisfaction surveys, but they can be difficult to design/implement for busy small business owners and a total pain for customers to fill out.

Our solution takes literally seconds. Users just select a smiley face and add optional comment. We make measuring customer happiness a snap and, yeah, pun intended.

Every business should want honest feedback from their customers. As mentioned above, the problem is that the only real outlet people have (apart from in-person communication) is to jump on public review sites and air their thoughts there. Lots of times, these thoughts skew negative and can be expressed while they’re still angry. Sometimes, the gripes are legitimate, other times more petty or based on a simple misunderstanding…regardless, it becomes public and can harm your business’s reputation. By keeping things private with SentimentSnap, a staff member’s bad day or a silly mistake doesn’t necessarily have to bring you down!

Yes! The feedback you receive is 100% private. It’s between the business and the customer. Nothing more, nothing less!

That depends. Customers can simply submit feedback and hit “submit,” without leaving their email address…in which case, yes, it’s totally anonymous. We do allow people, however, to add an optional email address or opt into your marketing communications. In those cases, the customer is choosing to identify themselves by leaving their contact information so it’s obviously not anonymous, but’s it’s still 100% private.

It’s up to the business to respond to a customer who has left their optional email address. SentimentSnap, of course, does not get involved in this part of the process. We give you the tool but you decide how to use it when it comes to follow-up. We do highly suggest that you not ignore those who have left their contact info as they’ll surely be grateful that you heard their voice and acknowledged their feedback.

Well, there’s no absolute right or wrong here of course but you’ll definitely want to display them in a place that your customers will see them. Like duh, right? But, at the same time, we understand that businesses don’t want to take up too much space or disrupt their aesthetic appeal with one of these signs. That’s why we give you different sizes to work with on our printable signs. You might want to place them on a shelf or in a corner next to some of your products. You could display one on the door so people see them when they’re exiting. We realize that there’s also a bit of balancing act when it comes to privacy so, for some businesses, you might not want to put the sign directly in front of you cash register as people could be self-conscious. Also, keep in mind the question you’re asking when placing your sign. If you’re asking about the cleanliness of your bathrooms, for example, make sure you place this sign in the bathroom, not in your main shop floor! If you’re asking about the quality of your selection, you probably don’t want to put the sign in the bathroom as many people won’t see it. You get the picture. Feel free to experiment with different locations that might work best for you.

All our printable signs are in pdf format. This is a nice, universal format that you should be able to easily print by using your own printer, by sending the electronic file to your local printer or by using an online service like VistaPrint.

Definitely. We supply you with pdf signs to print off to make our solution as turnkey as possible but you can certainly create your own signs. You’ll want to use the QR code that is related to the specific question you’re asking but, as long as you have design skills or work with a designer, you can take that QR code and incorporate it into any type of card, poster, sign etc. that you’d like.

Don’t worry. SentimenetSnap is built for people just like you, not for engineers! If you can use a computer, you can use SentimentSnap.

Another excellent question! QR codes started getting a bit of traction like a decade ago but momentum sort of stalled, largely because they were cumbersome to use. You needed to download a special app to perform a scan, cellular speeds were slower and lots of people were confused by how they actually worked. When Android and iOS incorporated a QR scanner directly into the phone’s camera app a couple years ago, QR codes were given a huge boost and have been become much more mainstream. Plus, in a post COVID-19 world, touch-free, QR code-driven solutions like ours will be more prominent than ever.

No, that’s the beauty of putting QR codes at the heart of our solution. Customers just open their camera, scan and out pops a feedback form that they complete in seconds. They don’t have to download anything at all.

We keep your data on our secure servers. You access it through our simple, yet powerful dashboard. You can see how you’re doing at a glance with our Sent-o-meter, dig deeper to analyze trends by time periods, location and more. It’s that easy!

Absolutely. Once you set up your organization, you can add multiple store locations (each with the same questions) to compare your performance across each.

Great question. We’re initially focusing on this as a solution to gather customer feedback but we believe there are many ways to use SentimentSnap, including using it for a tool for to get quick, actionable employee feedback. More thoughts on that to come and, if you’ve used SentimentSnap internally, please let us know!

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